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Finding balance in Prospect Park

                                               Finding balance in Prospect Park

A sunny Tuesday afternoon in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Spring is starting.  I’m procrastinating on the grass.It smells like sun. All around is green and yellow. Flowers are blooming. No visible buildings, no cars. The sounds of the City are quite imperceptible. Birds fly at the boarder of the blue blue sky. A caressing wind is blowing.

A man in his early fifties arrives in a red T-Shirt. He puts down his bike, takes his shoes off and breath deeply. He is fully shaved with a very thin grey beard at the end of his chin. His chinese feathers and his tanned skin reflects the image of a gentle monk. Bare feet, he begins moving the air through his hands. Dancing slowly, softly, patiently with an immaterial partner.

I couldn’t watch away, transported by a peaceful energy that was spreading all around him. A complete moment of harmony between man and nature.

Since twenty years, Peter  comes here everyday to practice Tai Chi.