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Feeding dreams at Newsonic

                                                        Feeding dreams at Newsonic
                                                   (picture by Irvin A Kelly_The Socialites)
Seth Misterka is an artist and a musician. A decade ago he created the Newsonic loft. An amazing place located in the heart of a hasidic jewish area in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Over 10 years, artists and friends have been meeting there to share their visions with love and passion. 
Now, this awesome experience is coming to an end. On the 1st of June, the keys of this castle will go back to the owner…  True to himself, Seth keeps the good vibes of this experience. Humbly proud of what he did. Eternally led by his convictions and art. Fed by dreams that can eventually become real in New York…
(music: “Electric Love” remix by Cid d Kid, Dynasty Electric_Seth Misterka & Jenny Electrik)
A new chapter will now be written on the road. Dynasty Electric will start soon an international Tour.
Good luck guys!