Experimental short movies
Exploring others with curiosity and empathy.
Letting be expressed what has to be expressed.
Questioning ourselves while questioning others.
Understanding or getting confused.
Nothing right and nothing wrong. The simple expression of something, somewhere.
My vision is simply to bring myself to think in different ways… Ways I could have totally ignored.
Most of the cuts of the following films were shot in the Philippines and in Switzerland. Burkina Faso, New-York and Quebec also appear.
The sound track of each movie was composed in Brooklyn and in Switzerland mixing interviews with ambient sounds from here to there and me.
There’s nothing to understand. Just something to feel.
“Women in the sky”
Images: Switzerland
Soundtrack: New-York & Personnal radio archives (Schizophrenia 2006)
This short experimental movie is questioning normality. It embodies the testimony of a schizophrenic man I interviewed in Switzerland in 2006. No need to speak french to feel the meaning of his speech…
Project 270311
From the Philippines to New York. Through everyday life realities… Between leaving and living…
Piano: Brian Gibson
Project 280311
From the Philippines to New York. 
Sounds: the atmosphere of my flat in Brooklyn
Images: Montreal, QC
Soundtrack: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Arbeit macht frei
“Working makes you free”. From the Philippines to the USA, some preoccupations are so similar…
Images: Philippines
Have no fear
Images: spiritual surgery in the Philippines_Alaminos City
Click here for more informations about this (french). And click here to listen to the radio transmission about my whole experience in the Philippines, including spiritual healing (french speaking). 
Soundtrack: “Have no fear, Sam is here” is a slogan written on a window next door. That’s the entrance of a small factory in Brooklyn. There, everything can eventually get fixed…
The rapture
Images: Brooklyn_Nyc
Soundtrack: radio archives about virginity. Recorded in June 2010 in Malabuyoc, Philippines
Unfinished song
Questioning the fact of leaving…
Images: Leaving Switzerland in May 2010. In the train from Lausanne to Geneva’s Airport, flying to the Philippines.
Soundtrack: free piano recorded a rainy day of April 2011 at Menahan 2L, Brooklyn. 
“less than 3 minutes about circles…”
Harmoneeca, voice and images recorded in Switzerland.

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